Though PANDORA is known for its charm bracelets, this well-known jewelry retailer has a lot more options to choose from, including beautiful silver rings, gold necklaces and, if you’re lucky, you can find a nice watch (though they are now discontinued).

I was skeptical at first, when PANDORA jewelry was recommended to me, for the very fact that it seemed like all they had were charm bracelets (not that I don’t love those). However, now I’m a big fan and find myself asking on a regular basis:

Where is the nearest PANDORA store?

If you feel the same way, you’re in the right place. We have you covered with an interactive map that will help you find local PANDORA store locations. If you’re on your phone, please make sure your GPS is turned on so the map will give you the most accurate store locations in your area.

Use the Map Below to Find Pandora Jewelry Stores

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What is a PANDORA Charm Bracelet?

Pandora charm bracelets allow you to create a piece of jewelry unique to your style. They are interchangeable bracelets that you can add charms to that represent you and are meaningful and beautiful in your own panache. The bracelets are made of beautiful sterling silver or pure gold. If you want a luxury piece of jewelry that only you will own, get started creating your very own PANDORA charm bracelet today!

Who Invented the PANDORA Bracelet?

The Danish jeweler Per Enevoldsen founded PANDORA in 1982, however, it wasn’t until over a decade later that the popular charms and custom bracelets came into existence. After moving to Thailand and setting up a manufacturing facility in Bangkok, the notorious charm bracelets were created and grew to the colossal success they are today

PANDORA Jewelry Store Locator

You can also locate a PANDORA store by using their store locator found her:

Simply enter in your city or zip code and you’ll see locations pop up on the map on the page. With over 1,800 stores in the US, this will help you narrow down your search and find a store quickly and efficiently. You can also filter your search by stores that carry the Essence Collection or, just stores that accept PANDORA gift cards.

pandora store locator

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